::  Bio ::

Kate Raudenbush is a New York-based, Burning Man-bred artist, who resonates deeply with environmental issues, and the perils and potential of our evolving humanity. She is a creator of monolithic, immersive & allegorical sculpture works that aim to catalyze social engagement, and shift consciousness while exploring themes that range from technological sustainability, to creation myth, and from self-empowerment to environmental awareness. 

She synthesizes materials such as structural steel, wood, mirror and L.E.D. light programing to construct her concepts that are developed through  3D rendering software, mechanical engineering, interactive programming. She then utilizes industrial machining, welding, CNC laser-cutting, rigging, cranes and solar power to construct her sculptures, stages and bring her ritual spaces to life.

As a self-taught sculpture artist, the power of her work lies in its ability to raise awareness of important social and environmental concerns without compromising beauty and aesthetics, often creating a feeling of sacred space and other-worldliness. As the longest running solo female artist at Burning Man, Kate created the first Burning Man sculpture to be collected for the permanent collection in a US museum in 2007. Kate’s work and words have been published, and exhibited in art museums from he Renwick Gallery/  Smithsonian Museum in Washington to the Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul, South Korea, in international art fairs from Miami to the Hamptons, and in festivals from Amsterdam to Las Vegas, Santiago Chile, Montreal Canada, San Fransisco, New York City, and in the creative vanguard of many epic, fiery gatherings at Burning Man.


She loves to dance.


::Artist Statement::


I strive to create enveloping environments and sacred spaces that invite both intellectual curiosity and soulful connection. My wish is for you to feel held, elevated and empowered by intentional space. In this way, the artwork and its intention is not just a concept or an object to behold, but also a spatial, symbolic experience to be lived, loved and learned from. Art is a conduit through which humanity understands itself. 


I create  with the belief that conscious creativity has a connective and awakening force, sharing the conviction that throughout our human history, artistic expression and invention has been, and will continue to be, an indicator of an evolved society, showing an awareness of its own identity, belief systems, and a connection to both earth-bound and spiritual presence.


My work’s motivating force is an endeavor to create art and experiences that both question and inform reality, and include and elevate human-beings. My creativity is an on-going attempt to foster an awareness of our evolving humanity and our relationship with our earth, that will resonate with the empathic conscience of our collective culture, now and in the future.