:: Behind the Scenes ::

I am beyond grateful and humbled to be able to work with some of the most multi-talented, creative, funny, dedicated people in a vast community of still more creative and talented people. From Architects and laser cutters, to steel fabricators and lighting designers, build crews and heavy equipment operators, we have all managed to pull off some pretty great installations in the most insane circumstances. Here are some of the stories, the moments and the people that make it all come to life, and make it worth doing well. 

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please check back later for MANY more additional  images of the crews and building process :)


:: The Wishing Tree ::


:: Star Seed ::

Electric Daisy Carnival- Las Vegas-Crew 2013

Video of the Star Seed sculpture installation in Las Vegas at the Electric Daisy Carnival by Aric Gutnick.

2013 Las Vegas Crew: Kate Raudenbush, Gary Wilson, Chris "fix it" Stockton, Reed Powell, Aric Gutnick, Jay Mingle, Palinor Velasco, Matt Ricard, Betsy O'Neil, Brent Dodge.



:: Star Seed ::

Burning Man Crew 2012