:: Transition Portal ::

A Gateway Sculpture for the new Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center , home of the new Tesla Gigafactory 1.  

Recent completion, November 2017.

Transition Portal is a monumental gateway sculpture intended to herald the arrival of future technology and its creators. Situated at the entrance of the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, its 30-foot tall, 15-foot wide illuminated presence welcomes us to a place of visionary new beginnings.

Transition Portal’s symbolic tubular shape of curved weathered steel honors the earth and the traditional mining industries of Nevada’s past, while it embraces a laser-cut stainless steel doorway that symbolically leads us onward and upward to a new world of energy creation and emerging technology.

It is a hopeful and futuristic gateway, literally and symbolically filled with light. Transition Portal is intended to illustrate the transformation of human evolution towards a sustainable future.

:: Future's Past ::

Upcoming exhibition of "No Spectators- the Art of Burning Man" at the Renwick Gallery/Smithsonian Institution opening in Washington DC in March 2018. The Future's Past sculpture will be installed outside on Pennsylvania Ave and I street from March 2018 to January 2019.

:: Arabesque ::

Private sculpture commission for a vineyard in Calistoga, CA, USA. estimated completion 2018.

:: As Above/ So Below ::

Upcoming 25' tall sculpture for the Panorama music and tech festival on Randall's Island NYC.