Mysteryland Festival- USA , Amsterdam...  and  ???

Main Stage design collaboration with Jake Kooi of ID&T : for exhibition in Bethel Woods, New York,  June 10 2016 and Amsterdam, The Netherlands in August 27, 2016. To travel with the Mysteryland festival to Asia in 2017.

Transition Portal 

A Gateway Sculpture for the new Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center , home of the new Tesla Gigafactory 1.  

Estimated completion, August 2017.

Transition Portal is a monumental gateway sculpture intended to herald the arrival of future technology and its creators. Situated at the entrance of the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, its 33-foot tall, 13.5-foot wide illuminated presence welcomes us to a place of visionary new beginnings.

Transition Portal’s symbolic tubular shape of curved weathered steel honors the traditional gas and mining industries of Nevada’s past, while it embraces a laser-cut stainless steel doorway that symbolically leads us onward and upward to a new world of energy creation and emerging technology.

It is a hopeful and futuristic gateway, literally and symbolically filled with light. Transition Portal is intended to illustrate the transformation of human evolution towards a sustainable future.


Mars Transmitter

We Are From Dust- Art Miami  2017

Mars Transmitter is a receiver, an aggregator and catalyst of personal human insight. It asks humans the question: what ideas, collected from experience and knowledge within human consciousness, are worthy of being shared for the benefit of all beings? What are the highest ideals of humanity? 

Interactivity is a the heart of the artwork: The visitor is asked to digitally write their thoughts as an answer, and upload them to the Mars Transmitter, and immediately their consciousness becomes part of the sculptures physical and virtual content.  Mars Transmitter’s physical form is both a futuristic beacon of hope, and graphic totem that once signified our human presence in our tribal pasts. Its tall steel form is both earthly and otherworldly. It stands as a sentinel and transmits our collective messages to the public through mirrored surfaces and laser cut steel latticework and light. Separately, a website dedicated to the project collects these human elevated thoughts into a database of the best of our species, in hopes that the axiom “we are our thoughts” is shared with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, and the transmission of our human consciousness is delivered into the future. 



Mars Transmitter - Beta

Sculpture Now 2016 exhibition at The Mount, Edith Whartons Estate in the Berkshires, MA.

This expansive group show will be on view June-October 2016. The sculpture is made of laser cut steel and stainless steel. 8' h x 3' w x3' d.  For sale through the Sculpture Now exhibition. 

Mars Transmitter, beta - A conceptual, futuristic steel totem pole containing a sphere filled with our transmittable human consciousness, and intended as a beacon of human identity on Mars.

Mars Transmitter, beta is inspired by inventor, engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk’s goal to colonize Mars and expand human consciousness beyond planet Earth. The transmitter has been built into a steel column that strives to modernize the the physical expression of the Totem Pole used by Native Peoples to connote their local tribal identity. Mars Transmitter hopes to be a catalyst of personal human insight: what ideas represent our human identity? Can our species’ consciousness be transmitted? And, if so, what human thoughts and ideas are worthy of sharing beyond Earth?


private sculpture commission for a vineyard in Calistoga, CA, USA. estimated completion 2016.

Mermaid Bench

Private Commission, New York State. Estimated completion 2016.