:: H  E  L  I  O S ::


Helios is a sculpture

that serves as a catalyst

for our new beginnings.


In resonance with this years Burning Man theme honoring Leonardo’s Renaissance, Helios calls upon every citizen of the playa to activate a personal rebirth: to elevate to our highest potential, and shape a positive future. Through a ritual of communal effort and intention, we are invited to ignite our highest aspirations through an interactive process which produces beacons of light both physical and symbolic. 


Every one of us has something unique inside of us that we want to

illuminate and  contribute to our shared world. 


Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci, 1490 a.d.


Helios’s intention is to provide us with a collective ritual experience and catalyst for igniting what we would like to illuminate within ourselves and shine on the world, for the benefit of all beings.


Each visitor is invited to write their private intention on a scroll and place it inside the container of the central witness of the mirrored torus sculpture. They then ascend a staircase to one of 6 activation portals, 12 feet off the ground, each facing inward in a 50-foot diameter circle. Here, using their whole body, they bring to life the physical gesture of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man drawing, to set in motion the lights of the sculpture, and symbolically ignite their intention and inner fire. 



But there is one symbolic trick: you cannot illuminate yourself alone. 


Communal experience: 

To activate the sculpture, human connection is needed to make the darkness into light. It is our collective intentions combined with the force of our shared efforts that make Helios light up like our sun. The sculpture’s deeper symbolic meaning is only is fully realized when you encourage others to shine their light as well.



The intentions and aspirations of all who participated will be released in an explosion of collective energy. With the cathartic ritual of fire lighting our way forward, Helios inspires us to ignite the light within us, empowering ourselves, by collectively empowering others.